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    I got an egg from one of my 2 BR hens this morning. I found the egg in their favorite nesting box after I put the chickens up for the night. I've been reaching into the nesting boxes for the past couple weeks ever since they started showing interest in the nesting boxes, Rusty started mating the hens again and their faces, combs and wattles were getting really red. [​IMG] I shrieked with delight when I found the egg. I can't remember the last time I had eggs from my own chickens. [​IMG] About 3 hens and my 4 pullets are very interested in the nesting boxes and Rusty has paying the most attention to them. (Rusty is my Rhode Island Red Rooster)

    I'm going to wait until I have at least 6 hens laying before I start selling eggs again. But I'm just SO eggcited. [​IMG]
  2. Miss Sebright

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    Apr 3, 2009
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    Congrats! [​IMG]
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    Aug 3, 2009
    Glad you are getting eggs again!
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    Congrats..isn't it funny how excited we get over an egg!!!
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    Those little gifts almost make it like Christmas and Easter every day. ah, the miracle of life.
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    Sep 29, 2009
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    Aug 27, 2009
    Quote:Yea. [​IMG] i got my first (of the year) EE egg yesterday and i was so eggcited since they stopped laying for the winter
  8. 25bengood2me

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    May 23, 2009
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    :)Congrats! My husband says our hen must think I'm stealing her eggs to hatch them in the house. ~ she runs to our back door as fast as I get in there.She waits beside that door all afternoon!
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    Yaaaaay!!!!! [​IMG]
  10. 4 Love of Baby Chickens

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    Actually it's been my Red Sexlink hen Penny who started laying the other day.

    I got 2 eggs today. [​IMG] One from Penny and I'm pretty sure from my favorite RIR pullet Reggina. [​IMG] I bet by March I'll have at least 6 to 7 of my chickens laying. Maybe even more.
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