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    NOTE: This is a chatty, gushy, braggy post. You won't learn anything new. If you don't want to read it that's ok! [​IMG]

    Today broke the doldrums of about a week and a half with no eggs. It appears that one of my pullets laid her first egg. We have about six mature hens that have not laid in a week and a half. Some of them are fairly old and could be reasonably excused in this heat. However two young leghorns ought to be laying and haven't been. They were laying when I bought them about three weeks ago. The little bitty egg we got today was white-- maybe more like off-white or porcelain or ivory. I think it came from my black mystery pullet I got at the auction a few weeks ago. I don't know for sure what breed she is-- possibly cross-bred. I need to post a photo of her at some point so someone can identify her possibly. She is of slight build, with her feathers arranged such that her tail sticks up prominently, and her neck does not have poofy feathers, and the feathers on her body are quite "conforming" rather than poofy such that she almost looks like an exaggerated stick figure of a hen. She's too big to be a bantam. She has the black feathers with a green sheen to them-- she makes a neat contrast to our two leghorns and all the Ameraucanas running around. Anyway, we call this dainty petite little girl "Prissy" (short for Priscilla) and she celebrates her (evidently) first egg today. I hope this breaks the "egg dearth" we've had around here and maybe some of the old cluckies will start again, then the Ameraucanas should start laying within a month or so. So many chickens, and so few eggs!

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