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    We've had a hen sitting in the nest for about 3 months! Today I decided to get her off the nest, and clean out the eggs. When I threw some treats in the chicken yard, she came running out to get some. Aha! I closed the door so she couldn't get back in, and decided this was a good time to clean out the eggs. I took 7 eggs out of there, and when I reached for more, I saw 2 little eyes staring at me. She finally hatched an egg! I left the rest of the eggs in there, and let her back in the coop to take care of things. I can hear it now. "Do you have any idea how many months I labored with you?" [​IMG]

    Here's the question: Will I need to get some chick starter today, and if not, how long can I wait before offering it? Thanks for any replies.

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    Dec 6, 2009
    They will be fine until you can get some. Home hatched are so much hardier than anything else. Congrats!!
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    Thanks for the reply. But our little chick disappeared. I have no idea what happened to it.


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