Finaly caught **Graphic pictures!**


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Jun 29, 2013
My theory was when I had my 2 week old, old flock where 6/7 where eaten alive from inside and have seem to be nibbled on while alive during the night where mice. That's because the only animal that can get in to the coop was a mouse. so I decide to run to the dollar store and found a set of 4 decent quality mouse traps. after 3 days of failing, one finally snapped.

Congrats on finally catching that blasted mouse, they can be one heck of a nuisance. Am I understanding you correctly, that you had mice kill two week old chicks?
Oh wow, that's crazy and sad! How fearful those poor little ones must have been to have mice chew on them in the middle of the night.
Someone told my husband a story about how their chickens were eaten from the inside out while roosting. I didn't believe the story when I was told. Would a chicken not go nuts when it gets bitten? When asleep, would it just allow something to eat it alive?
My husband's friend said a raccoon did it to their chickens, not mice. Either way, it's horrifying!

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