Finchs have declared new coop/barn there home?

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Apr 16, 2010
So two finches have decided they ARE going to build a nest in our barn where the chickens will live.
The chickens won't be in there until the end of June, should I let the finches stay and have there eggs? I'm not sure how long it takes for the birds to hatch and grow up. I heard its bad if there are wild birds(robins, finches etc.) in or near the coop because they can pass diesese to the chickens. But my chicks were vaccinated for Marek's. So would the birds harm them? I can't seem to get the birds to stay out of the barn. Its okay for now because the chickens aren't in there yet, but when they are I don't know if the finches flying in and out and possibly still having there babies will harm or get the chickens sick, will it? The finches nest fell down but they built a new one(literally over night!), they are VERY determined!


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Sep 22, 2009
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I am NOT an expert.

I, personally, would not mind having the finches cohabitate with my chickens if I had a big barn. I know a big problem with wild birds is with mites, but I would be fully prepared to treat my chicks for mites if that happened. Also, wild birds will eat the chicken feed if they can get to it. And some diseases are transmitted via their droppings. So it's NOT a good idea.

But a barn? It's not like they're flying into my coop..... My chickens free range, and I can't keep wild birds out of the trees and bushes in my back yard, so.... what's the problem with a pair of finches making their home in the same 'hood?


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