Finding a incubator thermometer?

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  1. Balmoral

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    Mar 6, 2017
    Morning All. Where is a good place to find a incubator thermometer, that's accurate & won't brake the farm . I have 3 at this point . If I put them in the same incubator close together they all read different temps. Actually I have 4 including the one on the incubator. A bit confusing. Thanks Balmoral

  2. Percheron chick

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    What types of thermometer do you have? Sounds like they all just need to he calibrated.
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    Most thermometers can't actually be 'calibrated', because they can't be adjusted.....
    .....but you can test them against a known accurate thermometer,
    then note the difference for when taking readings in the incy.

    Human oral thermometers are probably the most accurate in the temp range of incubation.
    This might help.
    Rebel’s Thermometer Calibration
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    There are two issues with thermometers. Due to manufacturing tolerances even the same model of thermometers from the same manufacturing run can read different temperatures, either high or low. That’s why you need to calibrate them. The next time you are at a big box store or a hardware store that sells thermometers, look at the ones on the shelf. I’ve seen 9 degrees F difference in the high and low readings in that climate controlled area where you’d expect them to read the same thing. These are the ones you hang up outside to see what the air temperature is.

    The other issue is how inconsistent are they? Most of them are fairly consistent, once you calibrate them and make your adjustments you can pretty much depend on them. But some may be off a degree or more from one time to another. The type you hang outside to see air temperature are generally accurate to within one degree. They may be off a small bit, but not more than one degree.

    I use a medical thermometer to check mine. Those are supposed to be calibrated before they leave the factory.

  5. JohnnyApleweed

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    Mar 29, 2017
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    My incubator has a large range of temp. inside... I took 4 thermometers and put them into a glass of tap water at 100*-- they all read within .2* of each other.... When I set my incubator with all 4 set in place there was a 3* swing in temp.... The fan is spinning all the time. The temps range between 97.5*-100.5.... IS THIS RIGHT ON or is there a problem?????
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    I would make notes of what the thermometers are reading in each location, then switch one with another but keeping in the same location. Then if you get the same readings from the different thermometers----You got a un-even temp in your incubator. Un-even temp makes un-even hatches. What kind of incubator you got?
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