Finding a well?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by australorpchick, Mar 7, 2011.

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    I worked for the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources in Raleigh.You might try checking with a similar agency in your state as well.

    Every time a well was drilled, the driller filled out the form and sent it in. I typed in 1,000's of well records. Even if no water was found. I about went stir crazy. Thankfully is was a temp job and I only worked there 6-7 months. yeesh.
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    Quote:Wow...never a dull moment for you guys!! I'm almost a tad bit jealous of how incredibly boring my house is. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I have been using (L) shaped coat hangers for years. Just straighten them out & bend them with about 5" to hold on to. Hold them out in front of you, pointing down a few degrees & start walking slowly around, when they cross each other there is a hole straight down. Through experience I have found they find a hollow space in the ground. You just pray water is in that space. A sure way to prove this works is to walk over you septic tank or any place you know there is a pipe or hollow space.
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    Our house is beyond booring.This old house was here at least 50+ years.Its brick and needs foundation work.

    My greatest adventures are the electrical wiring in this mess. for example,all the celiling fans are wired on the same circuit,but the lights to said same are on diffrent circuits?? gimme a break. [​IMG] Then the laundry room is wired together,but one on the closets to the laundry room can be shut off when the fridge,phone circuit trips. [​IMG] I recently replaced a outlet because it was smoking.DW told me at work,like I can do anything here. [​IMG]

    I replaced that with a GFCI and both the bedrooms came back on.This outlet was in the dining room. [​IMG]

    I still dont know what switch is to the water heater.I replaced the old one recently and didnt get hot water for a day or so because I didnt know what switch it was. [​IMG] We have about 8 or so switches that power nuttin,so I tripped them all on. We got hot water,the switch has yet to present itself. [​IMG]

    Im about to pull some wires and chew on them. [​IMG]
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    Like dlee with L shape coat hangers, I have used L shaped braising rods. Hold them loosely and walk slowly. They will cross when you come to an underground hollow space or water. Works great for finding water lines. You might also try talking with some of the local well drilling outfits in your area. The driller we hired had 45 years of experience in the county. He was a wealth of info.

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