Finding a well?


10 Years
Feb 18, 2009
Canyon Lake, TX
Our neighbor behind us told DH that he was pretty sure there was a well on the backside of the property at one time. Does anybody have any idea how we would go about finding an old well?
Could the neighbor give you an idea of where to start looking?
Have you asked the county if they have a record of it?

I found a well on our place by tripping over the edge and nearly falling through the rotted wood top - not a recommended method!

Good luck
Good idea. The township or county where you live should have these maps, and should be able to provide you with a map of your property for free.
I was told there was one on my property. I assumed it had been filled in. Turns out it is under the house. There is a pipe coming up out of the ground. I haven't tried to reprime it, but the potential is there, I guess.

Edited to clarify- it is under what used to be the back porch. I'm guessing there was a pump on the back porch.
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that's horrible!

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