Finding mammoth eggs once in awhile...


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Mar 5, 2010
North Branch, MN
Every few weeks or so I seem to get a giant egg. Looks like a duck snuck in the coop and layed her egg! When cracked they have two yokes. Couple of questions about this... is this what causes a hen to prolapse? And if I were to put this egg in the incubator would their be twin chicks or would one just absorb the other yoke?

What are early signs of prolapse? How 'bout later signs?

Thanks for any input.
It is normal for hens to have some every now and then. Mostly young pullets lay them. Very rare for one to hatch. Most of them the yokes are joined. If you got one that had 2 yokes that did not touch each other it would be possible. There has been some that you hear about hatching into twins. If you try one male sure to take pics on hatching day.
Best wishes if you try one.

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