Finding mites on a chicken

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    I have 2 hens out of 21 birds that have scaley leg mites. I have treated them with vaseline twice. How many times and how often should I do this? Should I treat the other birds as well? Their legs look good in comparison but I wonder if they could just be less infested. Their skin is smooth with just a little bit of rough/dryness.
    Also, one of the ones that is infested.... I looked around her neck to see if I could see them. I didn't. How do you know what they look like?
    Also, the skin on her neck had a simular appearance of the skin on her legs. Dry, flakey and where the feathers attached to the skin, they were all powdery and cakey.
    I am still confused on how to treat the mites directly on the chicken other than vaseline on the legs and feet.
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    I have never treated for scaly leg mites so I cannot quote from personal experience. The Mississippi State site says weekly treatment will work but the California site says every day for two weeks. I don't know which is better. The California site said treat all effective areas so I guess that includes the head area. They did say the mites are too small to see with the naked eye. Don't know if this helps you much.

    Mississippi State Scaly Leg mites

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