Finding more extensive scratch feed - organic bulk?

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    I am trying to find a more multi grain scratch feed for my chickens, that is organic. I used to feed my pasture roaming chickens organic feeds, but didn't like the fact that it all contained artificial vitamin D. I could also not verify if the fish meal, in the feeds, did not come from farm raised fish. all, that claimed soy free, also still had either corn or canola in it (I am very anal about what my chickens eat, in case you have not noticed). So I started making my own, extensive, scratch feed:
    -Lentils (french green and red)
    -Split peas (yellow and green)
    -Sunflower seed
    -Sesame seed
    -Chia seed
    -Flax seed
    -Rye berries
    -Hard red winter wheat
    -Buck wheat

    I get it all bulk at a local health food store, but it gets pricey. Are there any producers of anything close to being this extensive in organic bulk scratch grains, like a 50lbs mixture?
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    Hey, Hello and welcome to BYC!

    Regarding your topic, I know that we all do what we do, and for our own reasons. I am good with that and admire your perceived goal. But I have to ask, why all of this work for scratch? If they are eating a complete ration, be it layer or whatever stage you are in, why bother with fancy scratch at all? Just pick what you can source and what you can afford, and call it good. Scratch is a treat, not a food source, it almost always has less protein than national/regional/local staple feed.

    If you are trying to supplant a complete ration with scratch, I think you will find as so many others, that to do so comes at a high cost and is labor intensive for you. A one person operation can not compete with the folks whom do so for a living. Perhaps neither of the above is your stated goal… Chris09 is perhaps the best around here in regard to these type questions or problems, perhaps he will chime in here or you could pm him. He seems to be quite versed in all things grain/nutrition related.

    Best to you and your birds,

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