Finding out what chickens are at the top of the pecking order and which ones are not!

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8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Alright everybody, I really wanted to share this because I thought it could be useful and it's something to do if you really want to know. So I have figured out how to find the 'leader' chicken. Basically, there is one chicken in your flock that can boss anyone around and they will do anything if it means not getting pecked at by the leader chicken. And of course, there is that chicken that always get's pecked at, for being annoying or just flat out, a horrible flock member!

Okay so it's simple. One day I was picking up a chicken, and I put it infront of another chicken. The 'other chicken' got all defensive and decided to run at the chicken I was holding, for being in her face. Then I took my meanest chicken and I put it infront of all of the chickens, and they did not dare to attack her!

So I rounded up all my chickens and thought I would number it out...
So let's say I have 3 chickens. Heres a chart:
For this first part I will put the Hen 1 in front of hen 3 and hen 2, and see if they get mad at her for being in her face. I did this for the other chicken examples as well.
Hen 1: Hen 3 (This means Hen 3 got mad for having this chicken stand up to her..)
Hen 2: Hen 3, Hen 1 (Both chickens got mad.)
Hen 3: None (Nobody messed with chicken 3.)

SO my conclusion is that HEN 3 was the most dominate chicken, since nobody messed with her. ALSO HEN 2 was picked on by both of the chickens.

This is basically it, comment and tell me what you think. I figured this out and thought it could be a breakthrough for people wanting to see the boss chicken of the flock and who gets pushed around.

Thanks for veiwing, and comment if you'd like.

*ALSO HEN 2 was picked on by both of the chickens. (Meaning by this, is she is always bossed around, and at the bottom level of the flock.)

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