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    I've located a 6x8 metal building that seems to be pretty sturdy, but it will need small windows (4 of them) for ventilation and light. The maximum width for them is about 13"-14" or so in order to avoid having to deal with the "vanes" between the steel panels.

    Has anyone found a source for windows this small? Ideally, I'd like the kind that pull out from the bottom to protect from light rain (close them of course during harder rains.)
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    It would probably be easier to just build them yourself. Cut the hole, frame the opening (preferably both inside and out, with the metal sandwiched between), then make a wood-framed plexiglas panel that hinges at the top, and an arrangement to prop it open as desired. Ta da [​IMG]

    (close them of course during harder rains.)

    Probably shouldn't, actually, except maybe if it is a very prolonged (like day-long or more) VERY windy driving rain from that direction, that is soaking your bedding. Unless you have quite a large amount of other ventilation availalbe.

    Good luck, have fun,

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    Admire, KS
    edited to say: I read your ventilation page a couple of months ago. I knew 1 sq. ft. per chicken. Just a brain hiccup there. I'm thinking 20-21 inches.


    That's a great idea. I want to put in 3 or 4 windows. When I told my DH what you said, he started planning.

    The building is 6x8 with a 7.5' peak with some ventilation along the cap thingy (an official term) at the peak of the roof. How big do you think they should be? They can be about 14" wide, but the length is whatever we want to use.

    I'll put hardware cloth on the inside between the metal wall and the framing lumber, right?

    I'm concerned that they will be too cold, but they do have down coats, I guess and they will be out of the wind.

    At least they won't be packed into 13 sq. ft. for the winter.
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    Call around builders and winow companies - they often have sample windows that are outdated, I got 4 of them (fancy double paned) for $20 a piece for my kids playhouse and will do the same for my coop. Good luck!
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    I found mine on craigs list
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    When we were looking for windows and roof vents, we had a hard time finding them too. The best source we found was to go to Lowes and pick up info about the storage sheds that they sell. They have small windows, but we thought they were expensive. Craigslist might be a good place to try if you're willing to check often. We also found some old windows at an estate sale that they practically gave away. We got about 20 of them for $5. They were too big for our coop, so DH cut the glass and built new frames.
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    Sep 28, 2010
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    I made mine with simple Plexiglas. Inexpensive and actually easier than trying to work with leftover windows.
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