Finished Coop last night (pics)


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May 17, 2011
My husband finished the coop last night and we moved the girls in. They were scared at first, chirping loudly for about 30 minutes, but then they fell asleep and seem fine this morning. They were huddling in a corner at first, so I put a bin in the corner that I plan to use for a nest later on, they cuddled up together and fell asleep in there. Still need to add some steps. The floor is wire, for now I just put scraps and cardboard in the bottom and tossed some bedding in there for comfort. Do you think when they get older they'll be fine with just board runners and the roost in there? Or should I do something more for flooring? Maybe just throw some hey in there? I only have 2 chicks, currently 2 months old.

Coop is inside this screen-tent:

Entrance to coop:

Seating for Mama to hang out with her peeps:

Close up to entrance:

View from opposite side:

Girls enjoying their new digs:
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