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Mar 27, 2013
So glad we finished the coop...the girlies have been living in it for a little over a week now and they LOVE it...I did end up taking out the wood chips (added them to my raised garden bed project) since they didn't seem to like it quite as much as the dirt...they LOVE the dirt...after I took the wood chips out I came outside and the girls were just loving taking their first few dust baths.
So funny to watch them...

The awesome watering system my hubbsters built after getting some great inspiration on this site! I knew I wanted the poultry nipples because my sister-in-law has chickens and said that once she switched from a regular chicken waterer, she would never go back. I love that the water is out of the coop, so I can easily refill it and it doesn't get mucked up by those dirty lil chickadees! The second it was installed the bravest of the two went right up to it and pecked and her sister just copied. They took to it instantly, which was very nice. No muddy, poopy water for these gals. And, since the water bucket is on the outside, I don't have to wade into the coop to access it to clean/refill it. Just drag the hose over and fill...

We have a door that pushes shut and open from the inside...a very smart addition by my husband. I was thinking of a door on a pulley, but he suggested this and now we don't have to worry about replacing a rotted rope.

So, here it is! And a few pictures of my silly, now not-so-white chickies! The first night leaving them in there was kind of tough, but they didn't cry very much and after that they seemed too happy to care. Now, as soon as it starts getting dark they like to hustle up that ladder and call it a night...and in the morning they're peeping excitedly to get out so they can eat, look for bugs, dust bathe, and run around!
Nice! I love the string over the water pipe to keep them from roosting on it!

Are there openings in the bottom door track so bedding can fall out of the track instead of clogging it up?
Thanks to everybody! :)

That's a great idea to put holes in the board on the track to let bedding fall out! I was going in there and unclogging it myself. I put a small piece of 2x4 at the opening on the inside which helped to keep a good portion of the bedding in, but since I'm attempting the DLM, and since the girls fly out of there like crazies in the morning, it was still getting a bunch of pine shavings in it.

I'll have to get out there tomorrow and drill some holes! Great suggestion!

The string works great...but now I have to put it above the hose that leads to the water bucket on the outside...they LOVE to roost on it (not the little roost I made, of course). Luckily, the hose is tough and there isn't any water for them to poo in!

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