Finished duck coop 'Ducqarium'


Jun 12, 2018
We have a duck coop and pen (24/7 open) in the back of the yard.
Due to bad luck in nests (too many males) we are at this moment only left with two.
We noticed that these two wouldn't go to their coop at night but decided to sleep under our window where we sleep. (we sleep ground level, in our living room due to renovations).
Apparently they feel safe this way.
They also quack a lot at night.

So we had the silly plan to make a coop so they could see us. And maybe would quack less at night..
And with this thought it went a bit outrageous.
We decided to make it an exact copy of the shed we are building at the end of the yard.

Allthough not finished (we have to buy glue-remover monday because the tape for painting left residues on the windows, and the tiny heating lamp still hasn't arrived after 2 weeks..) I still would like to share!

The result!
An old Dutch style barn, with part red bricks, red rooftiles, wolfs end roof ending (some sort of carpenter term), cobblestones, 'farmergreen' wood panneling and the Dutch red/white folding shutters (that work!). And for some reason roof gutters.. (my partner builds houses as a job, so everything had to be on it...:p)
This is actually where the barn is being build, if you look closely. :p


Baby pictures of them, their duck-friends and brothers and sisters that went to live somewhere else, us, and other human and cat- friends.
Allthough painted a thousand times, we are using pieces of old floor material from our old farmhouse to put on the bottom, and renew once in 6 months to prevent duck-poopee to get into the wood.
These cobblestones took aaaaages to paint...The bricks where with a stencil. That was a bad idea. Would be prettier without a stencil. I do not recommend stencils.

They loved it immediately! This is the view from our bed. A lot of partypoopers said it would be a bad idea because they would be pecking on the window the whole day etc. They don't. The partypoopers where wrong muhaha! They did the first 3 minutes and then they learned they can't walk through glass. They love it and like to be near us this way. And they stopped quacking so much at night and in the early morning! And we can easily see if there are eggs :p And it is a joy to watch them this way. It's like an aquarium. But a ducquarium.
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That's adorable! What a neat idea.
Do you worry about ventilation with no windows that open?

Not really!
There is an extra opening in the roof (hard to see) above the tiny cow-skull. Due to the back being to a window (and not sealing tightly) air still comes in.
We have to remove it daily from the window to get eggs and maybe clean it.
It is placed on a uuh.. place.. :p... that never has sun. I painted the inside in the sun with 30 degrees and it was an tropical greenhouse inside! :O
It freezes here in the autum/winter/spring so it is made to be an winter-coop. We have a weird 26-30 degrees (78-86 fahrenheit) week right now, where it normally easily could be freezing..and during the heat of the day they sleep underneath it, and in the night in it. They don't show any signs of there not being enough fresh-air, and it doesn't feel so when I remove it from the window :)
In the old smaller quickly-made lower coop they all slept with their heads outside, now they don't. So I guess it is okay :)
An exquisite miniature!!
....but not sure it's practical for duck housing.
Can they go up that ramp?
Won't they peck at the stuff on the interior walls?
(maybe it's glued on tight)
Are those real plants on the porch?

Would love to see a pic from outside house with is against the window.
Will snow get in that gap?

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