Finished my blog page after I learied how to include pictures

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    When I taught school I was often saying, "When everything else fails, including YOU, read the directions." And of course any time that I made a mistake at the blackboard there'd be this chorus of "When everything else..."
    While I was doing my blog I was going bonkers trying to put in my .jpg files from several sources. THEN I READ THE DIRECTIONS.
    Wacha do is go to "Uploads" and upload your pictures; go there and click "My uploads". Highlight what's in the IMAGE box, e.g., [​IMG] [/img], copy it, and choose the small symbol at the top [​IMG] , paste the URL into the first line of the box that comes up and delete the [​IMG] that's at the end, then just click the second line. Then your picture will go into your blog. Simple as pie. Come on everyone, make yourself a personal page/blog. Just remember, "When everything else fails, including YOU, read the directions."
    You can do it; it's easy!

    NOTE: I removed the g from .jpg on the end so that the photo would not come up here rather than the URL.
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    OK...I followed the directions to the tee...[​IMG] and this is what I got :

    ' The selected file was too large to upload. The server didn't allow the upload' [​IMG]

    None of my pix show up on my BYC page . Just little red x's.

    So...does this mean that I need to change the settings on my digital camera?? [​IMG] Or is the problem in my PC? [​IMG] Just wondered if you might know ....but ..regardless if this works for me or not... [​IMG] I do wanna thank you for takin the time to help everyone on BYC with pix! Very nice of you !! Thanks again! [​IMG].. ..
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    Quote:After you uploaded, did you try putting a check in the "Resize image" box that's just above "Submit"?

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