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    Mar 29, 2008
    Wenatchee, WA

    the in-laws were throwing out their old filing cabinet and I was trying to find something good to make into an incubator. I bought a sheet of insulation for about $10 at Lowe's, three thermometers for $9, salvaged hot water heater thermostat, salvaged plexiglass for the door w/ salvaged hinges, salvaged heater fan, salvaged hardware cloth for the racks, bought the flood light at a yard sale for $1. I can't think of what else I used in it. I am very proud of myself for doing this. DH helped me quite a bit one day. I messed up lots of times doing this and it took me about a month and a half start to finish, but here it is and it holds the temperature and humidity very well. It's not airtight, so it is ventilated. I'm using a syrup bottle and a dishsoap bottle to prop up the ends of the egg cartons instead of turning them. It seems the eggs don't get blood rings if I touch them less. I have a Little Giant incubator I"ve been using all spring and summer for hatching, now I can use it just as a hatcher. I'm taking the plunge into becoming a backyard hatchery. I've got my Red broilers, buff orpingtons, and americaunas/ easter eggers all seperated out now. I've got orders for Buff Orpingtons. I'm selling them for $2 each this first hatch, then the price will go up to $3. Later it may go up more if the demand is good. Only one feed store 10 miles out of town special orders chicks from Ideal. So I"m hoping that people will want my chicks. About a year or 2 ago it became legal to have 5 hens within the city limits, so I"m going to be hoping to recruit city dwellers to buy the chicks.
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    Congrats on completing your bator and good luck with your hatching!

    Now, if I could only figure out a way to actually make enough money to pay feed for my chickens...hmmm.....
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    Nov 14, 2007
    Looks like you did a great job. Congrats
  4. fowlwoman1

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    Mar 29, 2008
    Wenatchee, WA
    this is the way I plan to be able to pay for the feed for the chickens. selling the eggs for $3/ dozen is good as long as all of my hens are laying. I only get about 12 eggs a day from 25 hens these days. $3 per egg is much better than $3 per dozen.
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    Mar 5, 2008
    Quote:[​IMG] Sounds like a plan!!! Now if only our Pekin would start laying, those I could make some money on!!! LOL!! Awesome incubator....the stuff people come up with on here!!!!
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    Nice job on the bator. [​IMG]
  7. Very cool! [​IMG]

    Good Luck On The Hatch
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    How is this working out for you?
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    Mar 29, 2008
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    I keep making adjustments on it, trying to perfectly stabilize the temp and getting the air to flow right plus humidity. I cooked my first 2 batches already, but my next 3 I"ve set seem to be doing extremely well. I cooked the batches by not deflecting the direct light from the bulb well enough. I just candled a batch I set one week ago that had 23 eggs in it, and only one had a blood ring. that is a huge improvement for me. usually 1/3 have blood rings by one week. I've just been super careful and turning them in the cartons helps because then I can't contaminate them each time i turn them. I set them 5-7 days apart. I'm even designing hatchers inside the incubator in case I get batches too close together. I need to work on air flow much more and research that.
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    Jun 26, 2008

    I don't blame you for being proud of yourself! I will have to show this to my hubby. He is talking about making a bigger incubator next time.

    Is that a crockpot in the bottom of your incubator? Is that for water? Do you keep it plugged in all the time?

    You might want a sign that says "DO NOT OPEN DOOR" Wouldn't it be terrible if you had a guest who decided to open the door to see how your incubator worked?

    Until I found this site, I had no idea that anyone could make an incubator. You all are so great!
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