First attack :(

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9 Years
Jul 20, 2010
N. Georgia
One of my 11-month old BO girls was attacked by a hawk just a little while ago. I was inside and heard some squawking that was not normal and ran out. My girl was pulled halfway through our fence (has about 4" square openings...this is around the yard...not the chicken run area). I think I saw what was a hawk run/fly off. It was kinda dark and under some bushes.
So far it looks like she's just missing a large patch of feathers.

I have her separated and in a dark spot. I have Durvet to give her....does anyone know the amount to give her?

I looked her over and didn't see any blood anywhere. I think she just lost a lot of feathers and is shaken. It's mostly the feathers between her 'shoulders' and slightly under her left wing that are missing.

She is isolated but how long should I keep her separated? I am afraid the other girls may peck at her exposed skin.
I hope she'll be all right.
I wouldnt medicate Just get her somewhere quiet dark and let her calm down she is probably stressed out and needs to rest it off. you can Add some sugar in her water if she acts weak. and theres a anti pick lotion called rooster booster pick no more. for when you let her back in the flock.
She is not looking good this morning

She's laying on her right side with her legs/feet out to her left. When I tried to set her upright she made some sounds like she is in pain and tried to roll over onto her back. This allowed me to look at her a little closer and I could see that she's missing nearly all of her belly feathers.

Her breathing seems a bit labored but not very bad. She's just laying here with her eyes closed.

I kept her in our warm garage in a crate last night.

What can I do for her? I'll do whatever I can!
I want to be the first to tell you the impact of a hawk is devistating. this is the very next day and My chest hurts. She is probably badly bruised, also there could be internal damage. I suggest you move this thread to diseases, injurys, and cures.
Thanks for the advice.

It does look like she is bruised on her belly. I'm keeping her warm and in a dark area to rest. I dripped some water with vitamins & electrolytes in her mouth. She's sitting a bit more upright now.

I will do anything I can for her.
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