First Attempt, set to hatch 4/16

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    Feb 26, 2009
    Wow, this is exciting and addictive and I don't even have chicks yet!

    So much to read, learn and decide before you even get to this point! (I'm telling you, reading the humidity thread alone ...)

    The coop is started out back, bits of chicken tending gear stuck in corners all over my home and I FINALLY have my eggs!

    After reading the humidity thread; I'm aiming for 35-40% humidity in first 18 days and 50-60% the last 3. I wish I had something to weigh them with because Brinsea instructions say that is the best way to gauge the correct humidity/weight loss at 16% (comes with chart).

    Q: Does anyone weigh their eggs as part of incubating process?

    Q: Anyone have experience with this incubator and able to give me humidity advice? Plus have you used the egg carton method or just the 'dividers' that come with it? Should I lay eggs on side for hatch or leave in cartons?

    Been running the incubator since Tuesday. Very solid on temp.
    Eggs arrived yesterday and rested until this morning.

    Eggs from
    Arrived with NO BREAKAGE or Cracks (fabulous packing job), mailed Mon, arrived Wed.

    6 Barnevelders
    6 Golden Cuckoo Marans
    6 Welsummers
    6 Golden Penciled Hamburgs

    Here we go:

    Day 0 - 3/26/09
    3/26/09 Eggs set at 7:42am

    Eggs rested at room temp (71F) from Wed 4pm to Thurs 7:30am
    Set in cut down paper egg cartons with holes in bottom as well for ventilation
    left humidity a little high because I put in two pulp egg carton bottoms as holders

    Incubating in Brinsea 20 Advanced

    Water Wells = WW##%
    Water wells: 75% full with warm water = WW75%

    Temp 99.8F

    Ventilation = V##%
    Ventilation hole on top of incubator at 50% open = V50%

    7:45-8:45am: 48% - 45% in first hour, V50%, Temp 99.8F,WW75%
    8:45-9:45am: 45% - 42%, V50%, Temp 99.5F
    9:45-10:45am: 42% - 40%, V50%, Temp 99.7F - 99.5F

    Cradle Auto-Turner ON

    Ambient Temp 72F
    Ambient Humidity 45%


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    Good luck!! Sending great hatching vibes!![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Hope you get lots of [​IMG]!

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