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Out of the umpteen hundred chickens I have (not really, but i have a lot) I have my first broody. And of course its one of only 2 that I DIDN'T want to be broody!

She has been in the nest box for two days straight. When I went to mess with her, she burrowed deeper into the shavings. This is a pullet that normally moves away from me, just out of reach. I tried to pick her up and it was like she turned to lead! Haha!

I felt underneath her and she didn't have anything there. We have been picking up the eggs every day. She is in with her sister and a young cockeral I'm not sure is doing his business. It's a trio of (yes, I know) Silkies. She laid earlier today.

So. I gave her 6 eggs that may or may not be fertile. My bator is full at the moment and will be for some time. I have another one coming but don't have it yet. I figured it was either this or they go bad....because I actually want chicks out of this trio! I just didn't want her to go broody so she would keep laying! But I suppose one laying will be enough for now.....

I crammed the eggs underneath her and she didn't budge. I'm hoping she will move them around where she wants them and get comfy.

I always heard it is really hard to break them of being broody, so I figured I'd give this a shot. I marked the eggs I put under her in case her sister lays next to her and she steals it or something. How soon after chicks hatch do mamas start laying again? I sure hope she's not going to be one of those that goes broody for the rest of her life!
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My last broody quit mothering after about a month, as did the one before. I think that is about average, but they do vary a lot. Usually they start laying again within a few days.
My broody Silkie, that I let hatch an egg and gave another chickie to raise, quit being Mama the other day. Its been about a month. She laid an egg 3 days in a row, so I put her back.

My other silkie, her sister, went broody about 4 times. Then Mama went. I put them both in the basement with some eggs, but first broody quit right away and I had to put her back. Hasn't been broody since. Mama, broody for the first time, is the one that stuck it out.

Perhaps the thought of actually having to DO something when broody scared the one enough that she decided it wasn't worth it?
That's encouraging! I can handle no eggs for two months or so!

I was thinking last night before I fell asleep, what do you guys think about this......

I have an egg in the bator that's due this weekend. It's the only one that developed. I'm doing a staggered hatch and have three more due in about 14 days. Once this baby hatches that will leave 4 spots in the bator (I took out 3 clears last night.) Would it be ok to take out the eggs my broody is sitting on and replace it with the hatched chick in a couple of days? That way I can candle them and put them in the bator, providing only 4 of them are actually developing.....which I have a feeling won't be an issue, seeing that I don't know if my roo is performing. Would only 4 days of sitting on a nest and then having a baby work?
That should be fine! My silkie hen even when shes not broody i can give her chicks and she will go broody and raise them!! Talk about dedication!
Oh and my silkie is one of those silkies whose mothering instinct runs really deep! She is still raising her "babies" and they are now ten months!! Granted she has backed off a little and she won't let them go under her anymore but she attacks anyone who pecks them! Quite funny to watch!

I just went to check on her and she was off the eggs! One was seperate from the others and it was warm, but the rest were chilly. So must have decided that one baby is enough for her!

I brought the other 5 inside and left the one to see if she would get back on it. I cracked one open and it wasn't fertile, but I cracked another one open and it looked like it was.
Bittersweet I suppose, might mean my little roo is doing his job (might mean she is still fertile from the place I got her from.....have had her for about 3 weeks.)

Although that DOES leave me with 3 eggs, and I DO have 3 spots in the bator. Letting them warm up a bit.....sigh....

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