First broody RIR


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Never had a girl go broody before..I dont have a roo, so no real point in her going broody...Couple of questions..She's a RIR, about 8 months old, great layer..I am totally willing to sell her if someone wanted her, or trade..I just dont know how long they stay broody if you keep taking the eggs..Will she just keep doing it or eventually stop? Is it worth trying to sell?
I lock mine out of the box after everyone has laid. Keep her out at night. Take her out repeatedly when I'm home. Usually takes about a week to 2 to break her. Can separate her in a wire pen to break her sooner. If she goes broody repeatedly, may need to relocate her. May or may not be able to sell her but possibly give her away.

I'd see how often it happens to determine if it was worth the hassle or not of breaking her repeatedly.

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