First chick form my silkie roo!


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
I found my first chick from my silkie roo and cochin hen today!
he's finally old enough to have babies! lol. unfortunately, my other hen had stolen the egg and sat on it the entire time, then after her first 4 hatched she abandoned the rest, this one hatched 2 days later after i put all the eggs back under my cochin hen not knowing how many the other had stolen, lol! well, this one hatches, neither claimed it, and it was kicked out with half the egg stuck/dried on it! i had to break it out, poor thing... it spent the next 4 hours (i was at work... ) sleeping/chirping inside my shirt! yay for tank tops with built in bras, lol! it's now in my incubator with all the eggs that are supposed to be hatching next weekend, i haven't gotten a new heat lamp since the older chicks broke it and the store's closed today for some reason...
National Armed Services's possible the owner has/is serving in some branch or another and wanted to honor the day? Either that or he's a crackpot that believes today is the day of Rapture...

I don't have any experience hatching eggs, but I wouldn't suggest keeping your chick in with eggs that are still "cooking". Try a heating pad and maybe a desklamp! WalMart sells both.
Congratulations on your new addition!

Your incubator temps are going to be too hot for the little one- about 5-10 degrees too hot.

I agree with the heating pad suggestion. I routinely use 100 watt bulbs over my day old chicks- up to three in winter, and I check the temperature carefully underneath. A desk lamp might be great for the time being, as Whysaywhat said.
i kicked the older chicks out of the house finally, and put her in their brooder in my room, she's got a 75 watt bulb in there b/c that's all we have, but it's pretty low and she seems just fine under it. i also kept my month-old silkie in with her and she's been playing babysitter, although she's not happy all her friends are outside and she's stuck back in!

the baby loves her though. it'll do until tomorrow when the store should be open again.

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