First Chick Hatched UPDATE CHICK 2 Pics


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
Hi well the first chick hatched only 15 hrs after it pip i now have 4 more that has pip and 4 more eggs that are miving but no pip i have 23 eggs in lockdown they all were alive when i locked them down now my question is the chick that just hatched is rolling all the other eggs around even the ones that have a pip in them is this little guy hurt the eggs especially the ones that have already piped. Here are a couple of pictures of my cute little chickie


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Well, he looks just like a normally hatched chick! Very wet, and they do stumble around as they stretch out....Remember, they've been curled up in a ball for 21 days.....Just wait, he will fluff up and look adoreable real soon.....

Remember, do not open that incubator! That high humidity is very important to the other chicks that still need to hatch!

I have the 2 red plugs that came with the incubator in do i need to wiggle it loose a liitl but not take it out completely because then the temp will go down right this is my first time incubating with this incubator i hatched once before in the domeincubator which was a complete failure.
Your humidity will go down as the chick dries off. The chick peeping and walking around always seems to stimulate the other eggs and get them to hatching too. Don't open your incubator because it seems that you have perfect hatching conditions going on and you want it to stay that way.

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