First chicken coop help?

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    I live on the northwest coast, with relatively tame, wet, weather,
    My sister and me are trying to build our first coop. So far, we're thinking a 6' x 4' structure, with a wood floor raised up on cinderblocks to keep it out of the mud. We'd put solid plywood walls on end, and partway down both sides, so that they can have a windbreak and corners to hide from prying raccoon hands. The rest would be encased in wire mesh, and they'd be let out everyday to wander in our backyard. It would have a slanted, corrugated tin roof, and a roost inside, of course.
    This would be for three, maybe four birds.
    I am not an expert - can anyone else see any obvious flaws to the design? Any feedback?
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    Jun 18, 2013
    Make sure that the inside is built in such a way that it will stay dry, it will smell and not good for their health, 4x6 will be plenty of room for 4 birds, post pics as you build.
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    Sure thing!
    We're trying to make sure that it's made so the chickens always have a nice dry place to go. Wet hens are one of the saddest things ever, so our two big priorities here are keeping them dry, and keeping them safe from cats and raccoons at night.
    Today we went to the scrap yard and picked up some sheets of metal roofing. Total of twelve bucks, for enough to cover our chicken coop.
    Wood is pretty cheap around here, so hopefully we can build the frame inexpensively as well.
    I'll post pictures of our roofing panels as soon as I get home tonight. [​IMG]

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