First cocci outbreak.


In the Brooder
Apr 29, 2015
Logan County Kentucky
I know this is a topic that has been talked about a lot on here. However in all of the years I've been raising chickens this is the first time I've had an outbreak of cocci. Normaly our chicks are raised indoors for several weeks, I just moved to a new place and built a new brooder so I'm assuming it was in the ground from a previous owner, she raised chickens. It would seem as though I've got it under control with my 7 week olds and my 12 week olds. My mother surprised me with 6, 4 day old polish. Now I know from reading past threads this stuff is highly contagious, I have them quarantined in our spare bedroom, just to be safe I gave them the preventive dose of corid(1\3 teaspoon per gallon) today. THis dieses is new to me and I'm just wondering if I did the right thing.

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