First coop...1st everything actually. Opinions please!


May 3, 2015
This is what I started with.

This is my conversion, 4 ft tall, 6 feet long, 2.5 feet wide. 2 nesting boxes on far left. Can't see it but there is a roost under the house and I'll put one inside the original hutch too.
I bought sweet PDZ for inside the original hutch, where the pullout tray is, or do you think pine shavings are better?

See anything horribly wrong or anything I should change? Does the protected area seem big enough? Just want happy chickens.
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Hi TinaJ718,

I am new to the chicken game but have learned a few things while building my Coop and Run. One thing you might want to do is put some small steps on your ramp up to the coop area. I learned the hard way with my hens sliding all over the ramp while trying to get up. I bought some treated 1x1's at the lumber yard for next to nothing and cut them down. I placed them about every 6" all the way up and now they have no problems.

Hope that helps.
Yes, 4-5 sg.feet per bird not including roosts and nest boxes, and if you have an outdoor run - 10 sg.feet per bird. Maybe the photo makes everything look tiny but, I can't imagine full grown chickens fitting comfortably in the coop - sorry.
I have 4 chicks now, a RIR, a black austerlorpe and 2 mixed silkie and americana's. I think I'll have to add inside space for sure.
Sorry to say this but, those prefab things cost a fortune and they are only adequate for a few bantams at best. When planning a coop, always keep in mind what kind of chickens you want, and what you want them for. Sure the chicks are cute, but they grow up into large birds. Most people don't realise just how big their chicks will get. Building an appropriately sized coop in the first place will save you both frustration and money.

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