first cull


In the Brooder
11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
I had to cull my barred rock cockerl. he started to crow and in the town i live in we are not allowed to have roosters. So after fighting with myself I culled him this moning. It went well, I think for my first. But not a lot of blood? I had him hang to drain for an hour. Maybe not long enough? I did the hot water, forgot the cold water, and pluck by hand. Not much meat, I guess he's to young. The skin is very tough, what makes it that way. He was 13wks old. I process him and now he is in the fridge, waiting to go in the frezzer. For some reason I feel calm about the whole thing. Is this normal?


11 Years
Aug 8, 2008
Sounds like you did a good job. It's perfectly normal to feel calm. This is a natural part of life. If a chicken is not a pet, it should be no different than buying a chicken from the store that was killed at some point before it got to you.

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