First day here, last day here?


8 Years
May 25, 2011
We are new to chickens. We just got three new chicks on Sunday. A Buff laced polish, a Silver polish, and a Wellsummer.

The rest of our happy little family includes my husband, 5 year old daughter, 1 year old son, a cat, and a dog.

Some of my other hobbies include photography and drawing.

I just wanted to say hello but don't know if I'll be staying. The man at the feed store was almost positive we could keep chickens in our city, in the San Francisco East Bay area. Ummm...he was incorrect. We found while looking up coops for the chicks we now are not sure what to do with.
from Indiana!!!!

I hope you can stay
Lots of people here have chickens when their not supposed to

Glad to meet you. I hope things work out for you.

We are not technically (against code) supossed to have chickens either. It pretty much depends on your neighbors. Code enforcement doesn't generally drive around neighborhoods looking for violators. I would say, if you already have the chickens proceed with your coop. If you keep things clean and quiet ( no rooster) maybe even give a few eggs to your closest neighbors you'll probably be fine. It is wise however to have a plan B just in case. Try to find someone who can take them if need be or a farmers market you could take them to. Our local feed store offered to keep our rooster( supossed to have been a hen) for a day to try and rehome him for us and it worked!!

Keeping chickens is incredibly rewarding for the entire family, not to mention the delicious fresh eggs.

Hope to hear from you again!
Hello San Francisco

You certainly wouldn't be the first chicken outlaw - just proceed as if chickens are allowed in your city but don't say anything to your neighbors if you're unsure if they'd be "for ya or agin ya"
Good luck!
Btw, I just got my four pullets on Sunday too!
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