first day in the new coop and it hot

Lady Who

8 Years
Feb 12, 2015
Dawsonville GA
so it my chicks in the coop and its vary hot out. its 95F in the shade. they been in the coop many times but this is the first time at it final location. we gave them more shade and fresh water but still seemed stressed (2 chicks are 6 weeks, the others are 5 weeks)

please help, im vary worrier
Make sure their water is cool. You can put ice cubes in their waterer. We also lightly sprayed down the run. It was 96 here the other day
. Mine are 8 weeks old. It's cooled off some this week, thank heavens. We'll have 100• here soon
Please take this with a grain of salt as we do not have our chickens yet, they arrive June 4th, but I have read several books and followed the forum for months now and I have seen the following potential aides:
ICE...add ice to their water, obviously the bigger the piece the longer it will last. I have seen some folks freeze 1 gal buckets in their freezer and dump them into their waterers...the cool water will help. I have also seen adding electrolytes to the water to help them through the transition.

Here are a couple of links to some of the different electrolyte / vitamin supplements:

I am sure some of the more knowledgeable and experienced folks will add more...good luck.
I gave them a frozen raspberry and alot of iced water, they seem less stressed becuase they are coming to me more but they are still panting

Elcolights are not good when it's hot, they have alot of salt so ill just keep ice water

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