first day outside :)


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Apr 17, 2012
Carthage, Ny
My Quakers are 5 weeks old and got to go out today for the first time. They loved it, and finally figured out how to use their legs.
what do they need for temps to be safe overnight outside? I left mine out tonight they are 5 weeks old ish. they are all huddled up in the grass, I have a house for them and even put out a heat lamp but they are no where near either... I assume that means they are warm enough huddled up like that?

Ducks don't always do what is best for them. Get them into a house that is about 70 degrees F, where they cannot be attacked by cats, dogs, raccoons, etc. Please. Right away.
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It is still dipping into the 30s here at night so mine are inside. They don't use the lamp anymore. Once it gets up to 60s at night mine will be out there. They have a bunch of feathers on their belly and almost an inch gets.covered a day it seems so hopefully their feathers and the weather will work together!

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