First ducklings, I think one is sick?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by RecycledRuffs, Aug 4, 2014.

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    Aug 4, 2014
    This is my first post here as we've just become duck parents to 3 Cayuga Ducklings....

    They have all been eating fine, get along great with our other farm critters, and have been acting just like a duck should. Its been really warm where we're located (in the 100+ degrees) so they've been outside in our coop but today it was very surprisingly cold. Two of the ducklings are acting perfectly normal but the largest and oldest one of the group is not. They are very tame (as we handle them pretty much all day, I want friendly ducks) and usually will run right over but this little guy is sitting in the corner, shivering, and keeping his head tucked close to his body (no neck extension) at all times. He ate a bit this morning and we have wrapped him up in some blankets and is inside now but he's still acting this way. Is he sick? :( he doesn't have any bodily injuries that I can see or feel but I know he's not acting like himself. He's about a week and a half old. He's been kept dry with supervised swim time in warm water and all 3 of them love it, i just want to make sure he's okay. They are also on a sav-a-chick probiotic water mix that the original breeder gave us. Should I continue using this? what should I do? I just want all my babies to be okay!

    Also, my husband was wondering if they could catch something from our chickens? All of our chickens are healthy and well taken care of but they are next to the duck coop so was just thinking that maybe chickens shouldn't be close to ducklings?

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