First egg and calcium question


10 Years
Apr 23, 2009
laguna hills CA
My MW hens(3) gave me my first egg yesterday and it was fertile. YES!!!! As is the common case for first eggs it had a thin shell.

Now that they are starting to lay I need to up calcium. Have about 600# of quality 21% protein feed that is only a little over 1% calcium. Will provide free access to oyster shell. Would that be sufficient. Hope so because after this food runs out none of the local mills make a layer mix with higher than 16% protein. Based on what I have read here my preference is to maintain at least 18% protein during active breeding and egg laying. Whats you all think??
that's all mine get, 16% to start with, never have any trouble, never have to add oyster for them. First few like you said, it's normal, if you have continued problems, give them some, it never hurts, but mine get all they need from their feed.
I start my poults on 27%, my laying turkey hens get layer 16% it has every thing in it to make a egg, I also feed pigeon chow( many whole grains and seeds),wild bird seed ( black sunflower seeds) make for less egg laying problems! and then wall mart has a real nice scratch 5 grains! i also feed tons of vegtables and fruit tom!!!!!

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