First egg from a 34 week old!

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    I found an egg laying in the dirt of our chicken yard a little while ago. I'm pretty sure it came from our Wyandotte, who is 34 weeks and has looked ready to lay for weeks and weeks! I saw her in the nest box yesterday. She, of course, ran out as soon as she saw me. Then about an hour ago, she was in the corner of the henhouse kinda half sitting. Again, she ran out when she saw me peeking at her, but her usually fluffy butt looked as though her vent was enlarged (I usually can't even see it she's so fluffy-bottomed). She started drinking water in the yard like nothing was up so I went inside. Checked again half an hour later and there was an egg on the ground right about where she had been standing. Now, she isn't singing the egg song or squatting, but I still think it's her. I also have a 31/32 week old EE who started squatting yesterday, could it have been her instead? This egg is a medium-sized light brown one with white speckles.

    Here it is:

    and here's Babette the Wyandotte:
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    Congratulations! That looks just like the eggs my 30wk blue wyandotte started laying last week. Now I wish her sisters would follow in her footsteps. Come on girlies, let's get a move on!
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    Congrats! I had two LF brahma hens that were very late layers (39 weeks old).

    One of my turken pullets started laying yesterday and made a big production out of it. She stuck her head out of the nestbox and growled at me every time I entered the coop. Strangely, once she laid the egg she was as quiet as could be. No egg song. Silly birds!

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