first egg from Hazelnut (Campine, age 18 weeks) - woo!!! (Pic added)

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    I was fitting up an outdoor run for the broiler chicks, who do not really wish to go outside, when I happened to glance into the "blonde chickens pen" (3 buff chanteclers and a campine) and saw... hey, what's that little white thing there?... could it be?.... yes, a cute little pullet egg!

    Here it is with an egg from one of the ISA Browns for comparison:


    Conveniently, I know it's Hazelnut's since she's the only white-egg layer on the property.

    I am really surprised, since she was hatched may 1 so that makes her, what, like 18 weeks old. Didn't realize that anything other than sexlinks would typically start laying so soon.

    Of course it looks kind of like a jellybean in the egg carton next to the other eggs, but still.

    So, just postin' here to give her due credit [​IMG]

    [e.t.a. -- sadly, the brown egg in the photo above may be Marigold's last -- she has not been 'right' for a couple weeks, and not laying regularly, and overnight has become very swollen and 'penguin stance'. No sign of a stuck egg. I fear she has been laying internally and become infected [​IMG] She was pretty sad-lookin' tonight. Not much I can really do except keep her comfy and feed extra treats, and see how it goes...]

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    Very cool!! Congratulations! Can we see a picture of the "jellybean"? [​IMG]
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    18 weeks, thats awesome, I can't wait for mine to start!

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