First egg from MPC BCM - what do you think of the color?

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    I'm new to BCMs but very, very pleased with Tulip, the BCM chick I ordered from MPC. She arrived by mail mid-June and she and her four sisters (an EE, Mille Fleur Belgian d'Uccle, Speckled Sussex and White Silkie) have all done very well. They were raised by my broody BO and are a wonderful little flock.

    Tulip laid her first egg today and, while it was rather small, I think it's pretty. I don't know how it stands up to BCM color standards - I know that hatchery chicks will not lay as dark an egg as breeder chicks. I'm curious as to how this egg compares with other BCM eggs.

    Here's Tulip as a baby chick:

    Here she is on the nest. She has the softest feathers of any chicken I've ever seen!

    And here is her first egg, laid this morning:

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    Aug 21, 2011
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    That's quite a beautiful egg. I am no BCM expert, but I have a Cuckoo Marans and her eggs are more speckled than that one, but equally rich in color.
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    Is the Cuckoo personality similar to a BCM? I really like mine - she's calm.

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