First Egg Has Hatched !! ..Some more advice needed please


7 Years
Oct 19, 2012
Hi, Thanks to the great advice received on here my first chick has hatched!

BUT, now i dont know what to do.. my incubator (brinsea mini advance) has 5 other eggs in there, is it ok that this chick is rolling all the other eggs around? The temp is set at 37.5 oC.
How long can i leave it in there?
How long until it needs feeding/water?
I have read all this online but everywhere says different!

Yes move the chick after it is dry to a brooder, I use a red light blub and start with the temperature @ 32.2 oC (or 90 oF) at the chick level. Make sure to dip the Chicks beak in the water, and put paper towels or some "texture" for Chick to walk on to avoid spraddle leg. Hope this helps.

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