First egg today!!

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  1. dede bird

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    Mar 31, 2014
    Palo Alto California
    Hi all,
    I'm Leslie in Palo Alto Ca. I have 16-17 week old chickens and one buttercup rooster. Today I found two eggs, one in the box nest and one on the floor of the coop. It seems the girls are advanced for their age as I thought they didn't start laying until 22 weeks old.

    I am trying to re-home my beautiful rooster as he isn't allowed in Palo Alto . Any ideas on how to find him a good home?

    Thank you
  2. Michael OShay

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    May 14, 2014
    Welcome to BYC! Glad you decided to join our flock. You can advertise on Craig's list, or check with your local feed store. They might know someone who's looking for a rooster or they might have a bulletin board you can place an add on. Also, you might try checking with your local 4h club. Some of the students might be interested in your rooster. When you reach 20 posts you can list him on our Buy, Sell, and Trade section at You can get to 20 posts in a hurry by greeting new members on this section of the forum. :eek:) Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Good luck in re-homing your rooster.
  3. BantamLover21

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    Jul 24, 2013
    [​IMG] Glad you joined us! [​IMG] We're all here to help!

    First, congratulations on your first eggs!

    As for how to rehome your rooster, there are a few options. You could post him on Craigslist, put up a for sale sign in a local feed store, or just ask around. You could also make 20 more BackyardChickens post, and then be able to post your rooster in either the For Sale BYC forum area or the Animals in Need of Free Rehoming section of the forums.

    Link to the selling section:

    Link to the free rehoming section:

    Good luck with rehoming your rooster! I'm sorry you can't keep him.
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  4. TwoCrows

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    Hello there and welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    Congrats on those first eggs!! How egg-citing!

    You can also stop by your state thread and chat with your chicken neighbors to see if anyone nearby would take your boy...

    (there is also a northern and a southern CA thread, but I wasn't sure where Palo Alto is. [​IMG] )

    Good luck and I hope you can find him a nice home. :)
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  5. Kelsie2290

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    Feb 18, 2011
    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Congratulations on those first eggs :ya You've gotten some good links/suggestions above for placing your roo, hope you are able to find him a new home.
  6. Mountain Peeps

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    Apr 23, 2014
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    Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

    X2 on all the advice given above.

    Congrats on that egg!
  7. drumstick diva

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    Aug 26, 2009
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    Congratulations on your first eggs - may there be many more
  8. Wyandottes7

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]We're glad to have you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Congratulations on the first eggs. Your birds are certainly overachievers! My earliest layer only started at around 18 weeks old.

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