First Egg!!!!!

Congratulations on your first egg! Yeah, for a first egg, a little blood is to be expected. Squatting is a good indicator of sexual maturity in a pullet but to determine if it was her that laid the egg, examine her vent. A moist vent indicates that she's laying, a dry vent means she's not the culprit :plbb
Not knowing your level of chicken-know-how, I want to ease some possible fears you may have in this first four to six weeks with your started pullet. Expect some odd looking eggs, expect a rubber egg or two as well (without a shell but with a rubbery membrane surrounding the white and yolk). Expect shell texture that seems 'off' occasionally, and color inconsistencies, even if she's laying 'perfect' eggs one day the next might see something less than perfect. You can expect that she won't lay every day, like clockwork yet too. All of this is normal as her girlie-bits are getting used to their new job and may take awhile for the kinks to work themselves out.
Observe her posture on a daily basis until she's laying 'regular'. A penguin stance could indicate difficulty with either a rubber egg, broken egg, etc. Treat a chicken with such a posture as being egg bound. LOTS of good articles on the forums about that. If you do not already have calcium supplements (human vitamins or even tums tablets will do), get some to put into your chicken's first aid kit, just in case you run into this problem.
Again, congratulations!! :wee
Thank you very much! I'm expecting some weird eggs, but I didn't know about the stances! It's a pinkish-brown egg without speckles, so I'm guessing it's her and not our australorp. (Def not our EE!) She's also the only one who's been squatting and when we herd them around, she stays in one place with her shoulder's outstretched.
The weird eggs should be fine to eat as well (including the shell-less)! I'd crack them into a bowl and not the frying pan if they're really weird, but pullet eggs are delicious. Mine have been a higher yolk to white ratio and make hilariously yellow scrambled eggs.
Sorry, but we have picky spoiled ladies who hate fruits. Nothing wet or juicy, the ridiculous girls. I will be spoiling her with every other treat though! :drool
Muahahahaha, you've obviously not offered watermelon! Come high summer in your location, you might offer them a refrigerated slice, seeds, rind and all. Raisins are a big hit with my girls, mine prefer the golden raisins. I speculate that it's because the golden raisins are plumper, softer, juicier. It's easier for them to pretend that it's a big, fat, juicy bug. My girls also enjoy papaya, they grow freely in my yard so there is no expense, I simply cut it in half, if it didn't break open when it fell from the tree, and leave it on the ground for them. As with all fruit and vegetable treats, limit them to no more than 10% of their overall diet as they will significantly reduce the overall intake of protein.

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