First Egg!


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May 19, 2020
North Carolina
One of my 3 barred rock hens laid this pretty egg this afternoon! I’m fairly certain it was Bertha as she’s been first in all the milestones. She’s the one in my profile picture. They were all hatched 5/21/2020 and came home on 5/22, and I was wondering if I’d see any eggs before spring! Hope the others are as easy as this one seemed, but I’ve got calcium citrate on hand just in case. Having BYC’s wealth of knowledge at hand sure is reassuring for this paranoid newbie! 934594C5-2936-4C7B-8393-A960B12DB9E1.jpeg
Congrats! I got new chicks a little while a, they weren't laying for the longest time.
As it turns out, that's common this year. 2020 is breaking our chickens!
Isn't it funny how exciting it is? When our first egg came there was a minor celebration in the house. Every family member had bets riding on who would lay first. lol

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