First Egg!!


8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
I have been waiting for so long! Finally, i went outside yesterday to check on my silkies and saw a first egg from either my blue/splash/white pullets. This is the first year i have actually raised chickens from chicks and saw them lay their own eggs. I used to buy older hens. Then today i went to my other silkie pen and one of my mixed broodies layed her first egg. Im so excited. Now i have to find a way to see which pullet exactly is laying the eggs. Can anyone give me some ideas on how i would find that out? Thanks for any input.

Heres one of the eggs, unfortunatly the other was cracked im guesing it froze.

nice egg!!!!!!! could sit and watch the coop to see who goes in there!!!!!!...........
or you could get a chicken cam!!!!....i have a chicken that lays a jumbo egg!!...i have yet to find out which one it is!...maybe in the spring i will pull up a seat!
I am glad not to be the only proud parent of a first egg! I have a cam in our coop that feeds a picture and sound into my kitchen. I was so excited when my first egg was laid yesterday. I saw my hen go into the nest and heard her song! Wow, so exciting!!!
I see why everyone is so obsessed with chickens. This is so much fun. I have different colored bands on my 4 hens to tell them apart. I know that it was Polly who laid the first egg. As a matter of fact, she is back on the nest right now. I'm hoping to hear
her egg song!
Congrats to all the first eggs!

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