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    Finally got our first egg.[​IMG] I am pretty sure it was the larger of the Buff Orpingtons because of its behavior. But the Black Australorps are older, so who knows? The egg was medium sized (on the small side of medium), but perfectly shaped with a nice light brown color. We cracked it open (nice hard shell), fried it up and ate it. Good color on the yolk and a nice firm white.

    Just for the record, the Orps are 22.5 weeks, and the Australorps are almost a week older.
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    wow i remember when we got our 1st egg
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    Aug 29, 2012
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    Yay for first eggs! Our BO was the first to lay, also. Still waiting for the Australorps to join in. [​IMG]
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    Feb 9, 2013
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    When I got my first egg from my red sex-links it was huge and when we craked it open it was a double yoke!!!! Who would have thought. And the next day the same chicken layed an egg half of the size.[​IMG]
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    Didn't check on Sunday and Monday, but had two on Tuesday. So either she hadn't laid yet yesterday or she skipped a day. Still waiting for the others to follow suit.
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    Woohoo! We have a second layer. Didn't check yesterday, but tonight we found 4 eggs. One was small, but the other ones are getting bigger. The small one was probably the first of the newer one. Now the other two need to start laying. I am guessing that it is the two Buff Orpingtons laying now even though they are almost a week younger than the Black Australorps.

    I weighed the eggs:

    35 g (peewee)
    42 g (almost small)
    45 g (small)
    47 g (small, but getting close to medium)
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