First Egg!


5 Years
May 30, 2014
My Coop
My Coop
Sunshine has been showing signs that she would be laying soon for a few days now. And today was the day!
I came home to the news that Sunshine had been in her coop making nests and hopping in and out of her nest all day. I went to check and saw nothing but a new nest. But! I looked closer and saw the tip of an egg pointing out of the pine shavings! At last! Sunshine's first egg!

It was fairly big to my untrained eye, bigger than I expected at least. I couldn't believe my baby Sunshine layed an egg, and here it is!

Compared to a Cherry Tomato

Compared to a full-sized white egg

It is not declared that on October 1, 2014 the 22 week old Delaware hen, Sunshine, layed her first egg!
We're so proud!

And she is too!
Congratulations on that first egg! :ya Very nice egg, Sunshine should be proud!
Thanks! She totally is!

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