First eggs totday with mixed results

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    Mar 9, 2010
    I went out about 6:45 this morning to let the girls out. I heard the song when I was about halfway there. When I opened the door, there were our first two eggs laying on the coop floor below the roosts. They had either broken after they were laid (likely) or been pecked or been laid with little or no shell. Is it common for the first few eggs to be thin shelled or maybe non-shelled since I just today put out their oyster shell? Also, aside from the golf balls, how else can I encourage the ladies to lay in their nests, or will they just "get it" after time?
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    Yes, it's common to have some soft shelled eggs when they begin laying. Make sure you have oyster shell offered, and they'll work it out. Make sure you clean up the broken egg mess, you don't want egg eaters.

    ETA: It may take a week or so, but they'll get the hang of the nest boxes.
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  3. At Easter time I bought two glass eggs from Dollar Tree. The hens like them, but they really love the extra large stone egg. Unfortunately, little miss broody sits on the stone egg and it stays warm a long time if I pull her off the nest. (It may need to come live in the house until she's past broodiness.)

    But anyway, watch yard sales and stores. Let your friends know you're looking for eggs that the hens can't break. I can tell you from long experience that sand filled plastic eggs will eventually break. We once had an old salt shaker that was vaguely egg shaped.

    Hope this helps!
  4. imthedude

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    Mar 9, 2010
    got a fully shelled egg in the nest today. someone is getting the hang of it!
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    Glad to here they are getting the hang of it!

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