First eggs!


May 18, 2016
I am so excited that the chicks we purchased in Sept have started laying. I have 2 questions.
*5 laying boxes
* we have the tarp under the roosting bars
to collect droppings.

I think I have a hen laying an egg while on the roosting bars. Is this normal? I have found 2 eggs on the tarp. I have never seen a chicken on the tarp.

Also I know the first couple eggs are different, but why does it look like there is two shells? 20210117_192054.jpg



Aug 19, 2020
Kitsap, WA
My 4 ISA browns had to learn what the urge is, and where to lay. My first girl to lay had dropped her first 3 eggs outside of the coop, one under the coop in the run, and two outside in the big yard run. Then she began laying them in the coop, under the roost and on the edges of the coop, and finally went into the box, after I put a couple golf balls in each of the 5 nesting boxes. The other 3 who followed her started to lay from the roosts, and all over the coop, each time getting nearer the nesting box. Today was day 2 that all 4 eggs were in nesting boxes. Yay! I think it's kind of like learning when any body function is going to be imminent. No more golf balls needed. Hope it'll happen for your girls. It did take a couple weeks of cleaning slightly poopy eggs.

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