First eggs!


Mar 30, 2022
We finally got our first eggs, today! We’re pretty sure the little green one is from our Easter Egger, Cleopatra. The large light brown one we are unsure of, could be from Charlotte the Barred Rock, Bindie the Australorp, or Cupcake the Buff Orpington.

My son was over the moon to have found them. He loved living close to my parents and looking for eggs for them. It was like Easter every day! Now he gets to experience that again. My MIL even knit egg aprons for my boys.


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How exciting! So happy for your boy! I always intended to get chickens while our kids were still young but it just never seemed to happen. Now I'm finally getting around to it but the only child still at home is in his 20s. (No finding reasonable rent by us!)
Anyway, so happy for you all to share the happy occasion. He really is beaming in the photo!!

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