First Eggs

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    We bought our baby chicks home on Novemebr 2. We just got our first eggs yesterday, funny thing was I just finished building our coop's dormer addition (3 unit Egg Box) the night before. My wife found two eggs on the side of the house in a little niche. Then just a few hours later watched one being laid in the eggbox (a very smart chicken:)). We have four gold Sexlinks, two Easter Egger's and two silver Wyndotte Hens. and one Araucana Roo/hen? The confirmed egglayer is a little Sexlink thats more red then gold that we prematurely had named "Little Roo"a few months ago. Got another egg from her again this morning. The eggs looked great very well shaped with a nice color, the yolks seemed kind of small is that normal? By the way they tasted delicious. It would be great to get a easter egg for easter!

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    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] Yes smaller eggs and yolks from new layers is normal. [​IMG]

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