First eggs!


7 Years
Apr 3, 2012
Some people maybe excited for a new chicken today, or a new part built on to the coop,or maybe even just saying good morning to the flock. but today I am excited because we got our first eggs! we didn't get one egg from each yet but we got 6 eggs in all!
it's getting exciting :D I know I know it's probably over reacting, but it's exciting for me!
So what are you excited for today?
I was REALLY excited when I saw our first egg (under the stairs )
But it's kinda loosing its excitement when only 1/3 of my chickens are laying

IM EXCITED Cause we are going to go look for mushrooms in the wilderness (I live in the city so I am looking foreword to be in the forest)
bobelot- yes the first eggs are always the best :D looking for mushrooms sounds like fun, have a good time!

TurtlePower- LOL nice one :p

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