First few months with the chickens

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    We got our first hen +peeps (Number One Hen and the sixpack)on May 2nd. So that would make them about 10 weeks old. The 2nd hen (Number Two) came about a week later with one peep. Everyone has survived and is thriving. Our chickens are farmyard free range mixed breeds. Some ameracana thrown in with some bantam breeds. Small body, small to medium sized green egg.
    Number one started laying again about 6 weeks ago. 5 weeks ago she tried to go broody. No adult roos, so she wasn't going to hatch anymore babes. That is a whole other topic to post.
    We have watched them grow up and think there is more roos than hens. Shocker I know. Why is there always more boys? Since they are definetly not purebred, I have no clue on how to sex them. We, I think, have 2 hens in the bunch. I'm pretty sure on 3 of the chicks, developing tail feathers and saddle, and their combs are red. One I thought was a hen but "she's" been mock fighting with the other boys.
    We got some free roosters from CL from a nearby farm recently. 2 Ameracana boys, hatched in march and april. And a straight run something hatched in april. I didn't realize how small ours were until the new boys got here. Ours are 2/3 the size of the new boys.
    I can't post pics yet because I've been lurking on the boards and not posting.
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    Once you can post pics, go over to the What breed/gender is this? board and post them....hopefully, there will be some people that can help you out with sexing them [​IMG]
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    Ok after looking through the boards.. 2 EE boys? Not ameracana.
    Here's the flock

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