first full cabinet incubator build


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May 31, 2011
i have been building a cabinet incubator for the last few weeks. i have gotten a lot of info from this site so i figured i should share the outcome of it here. it is nearing completion but i still need to buy the motor for my auto turner and make sure i have enough heat source to maintain my desired temp.

here is the beginning. just a plywood box built like a typical cabinet.


then i faced it like a cabinet


then a door


i am using 2 ceramic light bases with 100W bulbs tied to a water heater thermostat right now. the box is 30" wide, 18" deep and 48" tall. if it doesnt keep up with the temp i will add another ceramic light/100w bulb.

this is after i built my autoturning racks. i just have to buy my low rpm motor to hook up to the timer i have. any hints, tips or suggestions are welcome... thanks for checking out my incubator build. ill update as i build more.


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This is after i put the thermostat in this evening. im slowly bumping it up at the light catches up. its a big incubator so it takes a little while to effect the temp. this one will require some good heatsinks and good weatherstripping on the doors. im right up around 95 or so right now.


i should get my turner motor and gear reduction system hooked up to my timer in the next few days. im still looking for a small fan (or two) that i can mount in there permanent. the one in there is big but it is working for the testing of the thermostat
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Did you build the false wall in the back of the incubator? This will help circulate the air and keep an even temperature through out the incubator. I've seen in other post that they insulated the inside of the incubator. Also the fan always is in the top of the incubator blowing at the heating bulb(s) in like a small separate compartment. Good job so far.
im swapping the water heater thermo out for a wafer out of my hovabator and im gonna put the heat element in there just cause i have it. the heat chamber is on the bottom, i have had really good luck so far maintaining temps evenly. im looking for a good fan right now, probably 2 actually. i have been using a fan temporarily for testing but its a little too big. i will get the turner motor as soon as i have the heating part 100%

Small fans are readily available in old appliances if you have access to non-working refrigerators, upright freezers, or microwave ovens. Egg turner motors from the ice maker or microwave turntables , etc.
i found 2 small 4" fans at walmart for $6 each. i put one pulling air from the heat chamber on the bottom and one in the top circulating air throughout. neither will be blowing hot air directly on the egg trays or hatching area. i have some final wiring to clean up the appearance of the power wires and i need to install the main power switch. there is some weather stripping to be added and my lower door needs to be taken off and finished up. other than that its time to get my turner motor and start that headache. i will be running it and testing the heat/humidity stability while i get my parts for the turner.

i will put some more pictures on soon
i ran the incubator yesterday and after it got up to temp i kept it on for 10 hours and it would get at low as 99.9 and as high as 100.1 as the thermo would kick on and off. i never saw it vary more than that. im gonna pull it all apart, caulk and insulate the rest of the inside and start on the turner motor and gears.

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